Malik released, condemns ongoing massacre of Rohingya Muslims

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik was Friday released from central jail Srinagar this mooring, a spokesman said.

According to the statement issued here, Malik while participating in a protest condemned the ongoing massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state of Myanmar organized by Masjid Sahib I Zaman the Bund.

Terming the silence of international community on Rohingya Muslims as ‘criminal’, Malik said that state of Myanmar abetted by non-state terrorists are killing Muslims, raping women, slaughtering children and destroying human habitats with impunity and international community, champions of human rights, propagators of equality and harmony and manufacturers of ‘peace’ maintain silence on these barbaric acts .

He said that slaughtering of Muslims in Myanmar and the silence of international community on it, is ‘a glaring example of apathy and discrimination’ on the basis of religion and ethnicity.

“International community rightly cries hard when any incident happens in Europe, USA, UK, India or west Asia but when it comes to Kashmir, Palestine and places like Rakhine state of Myanmar, standards of human rights change and emphasis is given to trade , commerce and other worldly matters,” he said.

Taking a dig on Noble laureate Aung Sung Suki of Myanmar, who justified Muslim massacre in Rakhine state by equating it to Kashmir, Malik said that a lady who herself struggled and was chosen for a noble peace prize by turning a blind eye towards oppressed Rohingya Muslims has actually exposed her real fascist face before the world.

“We want to tell her that she is not worth a noble prize and instead should be equated with Hitler’s and Genghis Khan who took pleasure from human sufferings and killings like her,” he said.

He said that Suki should read history again and understand that though Jammu Kashmir is not like Rakhine state but oppression on humans at both places resembles in many ways and so does the attitude of the oppressors as well.

Expressing solidarity with the oppressed Muslims of Burma (Myanmar), Malik said that “our hearts bleed and eyes are weeping for brothers and sisters who have been left at the mercy of Burmese terrorists.”

Emphasizing over the need of oneness among Muslim Ummah, JKLF chief said that “Muslims all over the world are suffering at the hands of oppressors and one thing needed to fight out this aggression is our unity and oneness.”

Meanwhile, on the appeal of Joint resistance leadership (JRL), a protest rally was held at Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk today as a show of solidarity with Rohingya Muslims.

JKLF leaders Master Mohammad Afzal, Siraj Ud din Mir, Zaheer Ahmad Butt, Mohammad Yasin Butt, Mohammad Sadeq Shah, Shaikh Abdul Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Prof Javid, Ashraf ibn Salam along with people from many walks of like participated in this protest rally and sit-in.

Displaying placards in their hands and raising slogans in favor Burmese Muslims and against the ongoing genocide of them, Malik along with people marched towards Lal chowk and held a protest Sit-in near Budshah Chowk.

The sit-in was addressed by various JKLF leaders who condemned the ongoing massacre and genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Later on this protest rally dispersed peacefully.

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