JK will remain our integral part, India tells Pakistan 

A day after the Pakistan’s Army Chief General Bajwa asked India to find diplomatic ways to resolve Kashmir issue, India hit back by saying the Kashmir will remain India’s integral part.

“Jammu and Kashmir will remain our integral part no matter Islamabad may continue using terrorism as tool of state policy to covet the Indian territory,” a senior Indian Deplomat said in United Nations.

Senior Indian diplomat Srinivas Prasad said it was “well known” that Islamabad provides safe havens to terrorists.

In a reply to Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Maleeha Lodhi who raised the Kashmir issue during a debate, Prasad said Islamabad has used “terrorism as a tool of state policy” and was using the UN platform to “covet Indian territory”.

“May I remind our neighbour that Jammu and Kashmir is and will remain an integral part of India. It is time that Pakistan too reconciles to this. As a democracy India always abides by the choice of the people and will not allow it to be undermined by terrorists and extremists.”

“It reiterates the principle of the need for promotion of peace through non-violence, a principle Gandhiji so eloquently expressed in his life message,” Prasad said.

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