Khan led EJAC protests over atrocities on Rohingya Muslims

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) headed by Aijaz Ahamd Khan on Thursday staged protest against the ‘atrocities’ being committed on Rohingya Muslims.

Scores of EJAC members including its president, Aijaz Khan assembled at Srinagar’s press enclave and chanted slogans in favour of Rohingya Muslims.

They said that international community should pressurize the Myanmar government to stop such violence against the Muslims there.

Saying that the atrocities being committed on the Muslims of Burma can’t be ignored at all, Khans said, “The killing of Muslims in Burma is very painful and it is unfortunate that the world community has maintained criminal silence over this issue,” he said.

He said that the world community must not act as mute spectator and should pressurize the government there to stop such acts.

Khan also said that United Nations should also take notice of such brutalities on Rohingya Muslims and should take necessitate step in this regard.

EJAC president said that the Muslims countries must unite to defend the anti-Muslim acts, which are taking place at various places in the present time.

He said that the people of Kashmir don’t act as mute spectator over such actions against Muslims in any nook and corner of the world. “We will always take streets against anti-Muslim acts,” he said.



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