All is well in BJP’s Kashmir unit, says High Command

Ruling out any fissures in the state Unit of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), the Central leadership of the party said that all the leaders and workers are working together to strengthen the party.

 BJP’s vice-president and party in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir, Avinasah Rai Khanna said that recent reports regarding the rift within the Kashmir unit of BJP were wrong. “There is no infighting with the BJP leadership in Kashmir. All the leaders and workers are working together to strengthen the party in the valley,” Khana told a local news gathering agency.

 He said that it was unfortunate that the media recently reported rift between leaders of the BJP.

“I fail to understand how the media reported such news when there was no truth in it,” he added.

 It was alleged that irked by the approach of some party leaders, a group of disgruntled party leaders and activists have shot a letter to BJP’s Kashmir affairs in-charge Dr Narendera Singh, appealing him to investigate the “acts against the party’s interest and promoting lobbyism.”

It was reported that the letter, signed by BJP’s district presidents and party activists reads that there are some people lobbying for their vested interests and they are hell-bent to disintegrate the party cadre by launching a “campaign against honest and dedicated lot.”

 “These people have been lobbying very hard to tarnish the image of some sincere party leaders which has damaged the image of party in Kashmir,” read the memorandum. “A particular group has been working for some time to malign the image of dedicated leaders like Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh to pave way for another leader. These people have created the wedge for their personal gains.”

It was also reported that the letter states that the group has been actively campaigning in Kashmir against Jammu leadership.

 “This group has created an atmosphere of suffocation for us due to their mischievous activities,” it reads. “The group has already submitted a memorandum to union minister for minority affairs Mukthar Abbas Naqvi.

 State BJP’s senior leader, G M Mir however had said all the allegations leveled by some party activists are baseless.

“We held meetings and there is no doubt about that. We discussed how to strengthen the party and conveyed out concerns to the party high command. We are Kashmiris and want to promote what the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee did and what the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced recently,” Mir had said.



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