Teachers run amok during ‘teacher’s day’ celebrations


The trade union leaders of school education department on Tuesday spoiled teacher day function organized by Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), at SKICC here, after staging protests and slogans against their opponent forums.

As the function was about to culminate, a teachers who claimed to represent one of the association of teachers in the department asked the organizers that Jammu Kashmir Teachers Forum (JKTF)  lead by Abdul Qayoom Wani was not representing the whole teaching community. However, he said there were other five associations who represent the teaching community in the department.

“Speakers are only naming JKTF but we are five associations who represent teachers here,” he said.

As he put forth his grievance he was attacked by members of teachers forum led by Wani who claimed that he was the only member in his association and had identity crises over it.

Dozens of teachers raised slogans in favor of JKTF and disrupted the function at SKICC. The teachers attacked the dice in-charge and accused the organizers of deliberately allowing the teacher to make the announcement on the stage.

During the ruckus in the function hall, a female teacher felt unconscious and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Later, the teachers associated with JKTF continued their protests, creating chaos at the occasion. The members associated with other forums accused JKTF associates of bribing teachers for transferring them to convenient places.

“Your district president took 5000 from me for a transfer and you claim to be a nation builder,” a teacher was heard yelling.

Later, the minister for education intervened and said all the associations were equal for him and he has also met representatives from all the associations as well.

“I meet all associations and listened to them as well. We should not use this day for politics. If any forum has any grievance they should come to me I will attend them. It is not good to use this occasion like this,” he said.

Earlier in his address the education minister said the student uprising that erupted in campuses during past months was due to some lapses from government side. “I admit that small lapses led to student protest but I don’t blame students for that because they have a right to protest,” he said.

He reiterated that no forces are allowed to trespass into educational institution. “And if at any place any trespassing happened it was wrong. Students protested against it and we realized and teachers helped in counseling the students,” he said.

The education minister said he fulfilled his commitment that students detained during campus uprising were released. “Still, if anyone is behind bars, I will get him released.”

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