LMD seizes imported chocolates

The field executives of Legal Metrology department under the supervision of Deputy Controller (Enforcement) Kashmir booked a departmental store at Karan Nagar for selling the imported chocolates, biscuits etc. without the mandatory declaration of MRP and trade name of Importer.          Under Legal Metrology laws, every packed product should carry the mandatory declarations including MRP and trade name of importer with consumer care details. The erring store failed to produce the bills of importer and as a result, the retailer was held responsible for the offence and an amount of Rs 2000 was slapped as fine on the erring store. In another instance, a bakery shop was found indulging in short-weighment of packed biscuits.  The net quantity declared on the label of biscuit packs was 1 kg whereas when the net contents were weighed, they were found short by 30 grams and the department penalized the bakery shop at Rs 2000.     The department also conducted joint market checking with Drug and Food Organization, SMC, Revenue, Police under the supervision of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar namely and booked a number of erring traders for violating different provisions of laws. Moreover, pavements occupied by vendors were cleared at many places by the officials of SMC.Food Safety Officers also lifted some samples of food for analysis. The markets of Batamalloo, Karn Nagar, Kaka Sarai, Qamarwari etc were inspected. One team headed by Tehsildar Hazaratbal also conducted joint inspection with Legal Metrology department in the localities of Kanitar, Sadrebal, Hazrarbal, Habbak etc and booked 22 erring traders for which LMD collected a fine of Rs 15,200.


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