Conscious consumers help build strong economy, society: Minister


Reiterating the need for having information about their rights, Minister for Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Information, Chowdhary Zulfkar today said an aware consumer not only protects his rights, but has potential to protect rights of entire society.

The Minister, who was the chief guest on an awareness programme organized by FCS&CA Department to observe “State Consumer Day”, said that the department observes three consumer days- World Consumer Day on March 15, National Consumer Day on December 24, and State Consumer Day on August 29, only to make the consumers aware of their rights and entitlements.

Addressing a huge gathering in an Information department’s auditorium, the Minister attributed consumer as the “king” and a “central figure” around whom the entire economy runs.

Highlighting the importance of consumers, the Minister said from manufacturers to service providers, everyone builds their business model keeping the interests of consumers in mind. It means the real power rests with a consumer who can make a strong society and help in building and driving a strong economy provided he is aware of his rights.

Speaking philosophically, the Minister said if someone is into wrong practice it will hunt him back in some other form. Elaborating the concept, Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali a businessman or any manufacturer can only produce one or two things, but as a consumer he himself, along with his family consumers scores of products produced by others. If an individual or manufacturer is into mal-practice of food adulteration, spurious drugs, illegal profiteering there is every good chance that he would meet the same fate one day or other by consuming other products.

The Minister said the Government could make laws and would deploy enforcement agencies to execute these laws, however, all this would be a futile exercise if the society is not willing to change for better. Urging for a self-introspection, the Minister said we should have a clean conscious and unless our conscious does not lambast us for our wrong doings, improving on current scenario would be a distant dream.

The Minister asked business community of entire State to refrain from over charging and illegal profiteering throughout year, especially on the occasion of festivals. He said business community should ask themselves if it is reasonable to do illegal profiteering on festivals, which teach us spirit of sacrifice, brotherhood and spread joy and happiness. He said such mal-practices take over the sheen from the markets.

Speaking on religious lines, Zulfkar Ali said a person can do whatever, wrong he wants to do in this world however, he should never forget that one day he has to return to the eternal world, where only his good deeds would help him.

The Minister informed that the Government is fully committed for empowering its consumers. He said the present Government reconstituted the state level body “Jammu and Kashmir State Consumer Protection Council (SCPC)” and established “District Consumer Forms” in 14 districts of the State to address the issues of consumers.

Earlier, some of the college students, and IMPA professor Jahan Ara also presented their views and urged consumers to be aware about their rights. Besides, Sri Pratap college students presented also did a skit to highlight the importance of knowing consumer rights. State’s famous singers Shazia, and Feroz Ahmad Shah enthralled audience with their melodious voice.

FCS&CA Secretary, Shafiq Raina, Director FCS&CA Nissar Ahmad Wani, Director Information Muneer-ul-Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner Srinagar  Vikas Kundal, along with others were present in the function.

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