Rasheed condemns assault on students, teachers

Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed on Wednesday condemned the assault on teachers and students at Degree College Handwara at the hands of security forces today.

Er Rasheed said that the students and teachers have every right to mourn death of Shahid Bashir, who was student of the same college.

“May government explain what was its policy to handle the situation after Shahid Bashir’s killing other than closing down all the education institutions in the entire district to stop protests against the killing,” he said, adding that by doing so, administration has proved that it has no regrets over the killing and doesn’t care if educational institutions would remain closed for weeks together, thus proving that government is deliberately playing with the carrier of the students.

He said that there is no justification of using force against students inside college complex and ruthlessly disgracing and beating teachers in a shameful manner.

“Students were within their rights and limits to protest over the killing of their colleague, and government rather than booking the army personnel involved in the killing seem to have turned so sense less that it didn’t want even Kashmiris to mourn death of their beloved ones,” he said.

Rasheed added that the security forces need to mend their behaviour and understand that if they want people to feel pain of their colleagues in uniform, who get attacked in various incidents, then need to give respect and dignity to common masses and also realize that people have every right to express the anger against atrocities and innocent killings.

MLA Langate warned district administration of dire consequences if it takes rights and sentiments of people for-granted and reiterated that administration will be made accountable at all costs.

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