One more Army camp comes up in Shopian 

Shopian district has seen a growing number of Army camps over the past sevarl months. The latest in the series of establishing an army is Mantribugh Imamshab area of the district.

Pertinently, in 2016, the army set up its first base in Pahnoo village of Shopian following which another camp was re-established in Zainapora Shopian ahead of the deferred parliament elections in April this year. The army set another camp in Nagisheran village of Shopian after 10 years. The camp was earlier shifted from the place.

The Army then set up its camp in Dhobipora village followed by a similar base at Chilipora and Dashoo Chitragam area of the southern district.

Six camps have come up in Watchi constituency of the district. These camps have been established by 3 RR, 44 RR, 62 RR and 63 RR respectively.

These camps are additional to the already existing camps and the move has completely turned Shopian into a military garrison, says a local wishing not to be named.

Locals residents said that they are in immense fear as every day new camps are coming up in their area.

As per the locals although there is no harassment done by the army, but the intensity of operations, night patrolling and checking is increasing day by day from the last few months.

“Earlier we used to see army moving around hardly once in a week but now every minute army is present out there and every hour making our life miserable by extensive stops and frequent checking,” said a group of residents in Matribugh.

The residents also complained about the frequent night cordon and search operation in the area. The army allegedly instills fear among people living around the area by these tactics.

Notably, the decision to establish new camps at Shopian has come after a spate of attacks by suspected militants on government forces. During the past few months militants have stepped up their attacks on security forces including the army.

Meanwhile, residents of Kandulan alleged that the free movement of the people is being chocked by the recently set basis.


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