Education department issues advisory on ‘Blue Whale Suicide game’

The department of education has issued an advisory to all the schools in the state following an alert by Police’s intelligence wing (CID) informing them about the new menace that is luring youngsters to fall prey to suicide games on social media.
Secretary School Education Farooq Ahmad Shah said that the department has issued an advisory to all the schools heads after the alert by the CID.
“We have directed all the heads of the schools to counsel students and inform parents not to allow their children to use mobile phones and social media to play hazardous games,” Shah said.
“We are involving officials, parents and civil society to educate the students about the potential hazards of the ‘Blue Whale’ attacks,” he said.
Meanwhile, following the direction, Director School education Kashmir, Dr G N Itoo has issued a notice to all the school heads.
“You are requested to kindly issue immediate necessary instructions to the Heads of the Institutions so that rigorous awareness campaign is launched in order to prevent such activities,” Itoo wrote to all CEOs of the region.
According to reports, 200 to 250 cases of stimulated suicide have been reported across the world, including three suspected cases in India.
On August 14, IGP CID Abdul Gani Mir had issued an alert to the Education department against possibility of the young teenage students falling in the trap of online provocateurs.
“The Blue Whale—a suicide game, is getting popular among social media users, especially teenagers through different social media platforms. Blue Whale is a twisted suicide challenge that appears to prod vulnerable teens into killing themselves,” Mir said. “The horrifying dangerous game has been linked to hundreds of teen deaths across the globe and it has already made inroads into India having a large population of social media users. The game is played via many social media platforms,” the IGP said in the alert.

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