Editorial: SC breather gives time for preparations 

The Supreme Court of India has agreed to hear the pleas that challenge the legality of Article 35A after Diwali.

The decision was taken on the plea by the Jammu and Kashmir Government saying that even the Government of India has no objection if the court heard the matter after Diwali. Earlier, the hearing was scheduled for 29th of August.

The development means a much needed breather for the state government as well as all those stake holders who have been opining against the scrapping of article 35A. For they, now, have the time to come together in unison and prepare a cogent argument in favour of the legality of the said Article.

Majority of the people of the state, though individuals and organisations have expressed their concerns on how doing away with Article 35A is just unimaginable and what the Article means for the identity of the people of the state and its association with the Union.

Admitting Congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra as a private party in the matter by the court too has come as a positive development.

So far we have seen rhetoric and too much of it. Political, social and religious organisations have been expressing their intent to do whatever it takes to protect this constitutional provision that safeguards the unique identity of the state in the country, but one has not seen cohesive efforts in the direction of achieving what is set out.

Now that the case would be heard post Diawali, all the stakeholders must ensure that they capitalise on this opportunity, show unity, come together to prepare a strong defence.

While mobilisation of public and opinion is needed, more that the street, we must be able to fight in the court. In fact, that is the only way out and we must prepare accordingly.

The separatist camp too needs to put their heads together and in consultation with the Bar association come up with a concrete plan to fight a long drawn battle on the issue.

The Bar members too can come up with valid suggestions and proposals to defend the issue as they too have ample of time to get going on countering attempts to abrogate the Article 35A.



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