Article 35-A row: JRL issues protest programme, threatens mass agitation


Joint resistance leadership (JRL) Wednesday issued a protest programme to resist the ‘attempts’ to abrogate Article 35-A. The leadership also threatened mass agitation in case the apex court decides to do away with the provisions of the law.

JRL including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik according to the statement issued here has appealed people of Jammu and Kashmir to observe complete shutdown on Aug 29 in view of the Supreme Court hearing about 35 A.

Announcing a comprehensive protest program in view of the Supreme Court hearing about 35 A, on Aug 29, the leadership said that on Friday, Aug 25, Kashmir Bar Association will hold peaceful protest demonstration against ‘conspiracies’ to do away with the state subject law. District Bar associations will also hold protests at their respective places on the same day, the JRL said.

All Civil society, traders bodies, religious and social organizations will organize peaceful protests on Saturday Aug 26, it added.

Kashmiri Diaspora living across the globe in UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Pakistan will organize protests on Sunday, Aug 27. People of Azad Kashmir will also hold protest demonstrations on the same day, the JRL added.

On Monday, Aug 28, Kashmiris living across globe will register their protest on social media by signing a petition in this connection. Students across Kashmir will also hold protests on the same day.

On Tuesday, Aug 29, the day when Supreme Court is hearing this case, a complete and comprehensive protest strike will be observed throughout J&K and if Indian Supreme Court issues any adverse orders in this regard a complete agitation will start from that very moment.

JRL said that RSS backed rulers are hatching conspiracies to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Inspired by Israeli tactics, RSS backed rulers with the active support of their Kashmiri stooges have launched a multi-pronged strategy to change demography in Jammu Kashmir. Conspirators have taken this case to their supreme court and which immediately admitted the plea though according to many law knowing dignitaries it should have not been admitted as same Supreme Court more than once in past has rejected similar kind of petitions on 35 A,” JRL said.

Leaders said that India is using NIA coercion to defame and weaken Kashmiri resistance. “Today the biggest democracy is bullying Kashmiris that if anyone raises his or her voice against illegal occupation, he will be sent to Tihar jail Delhi. Similarly on GST issue, the Indian leaders claimed that its implementation in Jammu Kashmir meant economic integration of Jammu Kashmir with rest of India,” they said.

They said likewise demonetization is being termed successful because it supposedly has diluted Kashmiri resistance movement.  “India considers Jammu Kashmir as its colony and is attempting everything to suppress the resistance of the people of Jammu Kashmir and removing 35A is also part of these efforts,” they said.

“We don’t want our people to suffer in any way as we all are aware of the hardships people of Kashmir are facing but when it comes to issue of life and death especially in ones collective (National) existence, no choice is left for a weak people but to show resistance,” JRL said.

The three pro-freedom leaders said that it is India and the local government who on daily basis are tossing up new controversies to inflame the harvest of peace in Jammu Kashmir. “From last three years we have witnessed many controversial proposals and ideas being floated by Indian rulers who only want to inflict more and more harm to people of Jammu Kashmir. This new controversy of 35A is also aimed at hurting our dignity; inflict more miseries on us and change the demography of our land, so that our resistance against illegal occupation is finished completely,” they said.

“As a living nation, Kashmiris fully know to safeguard their dignity and resistance and whatever be the cost, we will resist every evil design of India which is detrimental to our sacred cause,” they said, adding that “any meddling with state subject law is only aimed at changing the demography of Jammu Kashmir. This issue is directly related to our right of self determination and so we all need to fight for it with unity and steadfastness. JRL leadership said that this matter is related to our life and death and we will not shy away from spilling our blood to safeguard it.”  



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