Religious scholars on Triple Talaq


Moulana Tariq Jameel

After you pronounce the triple talaq there is no way back. Tariq Jameel quotes a hadith saying that Allah hates Talaq most among the lawful.

Dr Israr Ahmad

Our four Islamic Schools of thought say that if talaq is pronounced three times, it stands its validation. Another part which most of us forget is that the punishment one has to face if one pronounces talaq without any valid reason. The one who pronounces talaq has to face five-year imprisonment as punishment if proven at fault.

Dr. Javaid Gamdi

It depends on ones intention. If you are angry, your pronouncement of talaq is not acceptable. When you are cool minded and decided to pronounce talaq, then you have to see if your wife is menstruating. If she is in menstruating cycle, then you can’t pronounce talaq. One talaq is enough, not two or three. Only one. Triple talaq is haram (unIslamic). Once a man pronounces a talaq, he is given three months to reconsider his decision.

Dr. Zakir Naik

There is one procedure where husband says Talaq, talaq, talaq and talaq takes place. This is called Talaq biddah. Talaq Biddah is not proven from Quran and hadith. The best form of talaq is Talaq Ahsana, which is proved from Quran and hadith.


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