DSEK withholds posting orders of newly recruited lecturers

At a time when the schools across Kashmir are facing dearth of subject specific teachers, the department has withheld the posting orders of over 300 newly recruited 10 2 lecturers for government run higher secondary schools.

The recruitment of over 800 lecturers was completed by JK Public Service Commission (PSC) few months ago and the selection list was forwarded to the school education department for formal issuance of appointment orders and their postings in the schools.

“The department has issued the appointment orders but their postings are awaited despite the passage of two months since their appointment in the department,” an official said.

The official said the posting of lecturers was delayed as the newly recruited lecturers as per the transfer policy have to be posted in third zone (tough zone) while as the previous batch was to be called back from that zone.

“While framing posting orders, some females and other lecturers having health problems were included in the list of lecturers to be posted in third zone for their first appointment but the list has been reviewed now,” the official said.

He said the matter was taken with the government wherein it was decided to exempt females from posting in third zone.

“The previous batch has been also called back from Ladakh zone after completing their tenure of one academic year,” the official said.

Interestingly, the lecturer recruitment was started in early months this year and posting orders of Urdu and English lecturers was issued as well.

However, the lecturers awaiting their posting orders have qualified the exams for their appointment for Mathematics, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics subject.

It is pertinent to mention that schools are facing dearth of teachers in science subjects affecting their academics, however, the delay by department is telling upon the studies of students.

Secretary school education department, Farooq Ahmad Shah said the posting orders will be issued in coming days.

“The posting orders are processed and will be issued in a day or two,” Shah said.

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