Article 35A row : Govt welcomes oppositions suggestion for calling special session of LA 

Amid the clamor for a special session of the legislature to discuss Article 35A, the government Monday said that the commitments made by the Centre from time to time will be ‘respected and maintained’.

“All the ideas are welcome,” Naeem Akhtar, the government’s spokesman and Minister for Public Works, told a local news gathering agency.

He said that the Article 35A is an existential issue for Jammu and Kashmir state and all the political parties are on board and in its favour.

“Article 35A is a joint issue and an existential issue for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. And, fortunately, all the parties are on board. So there is no difference e of opinion on how to approach it. The Chief Minister has consulted with opposition and will continue to do so,” Akhtar said.

Opposition parties including National Conference, Congress, Independent legislators, M Y Tarigami and Hakim Yaseen have sought convening of special session of the state legislature to discuss the “crucial issue” of Article 35A.

“We will fight it politically and legally. We have a strong case and I have a reason to feel that the institutions of the country which have made national commitments to the state will respect them,” the minister added.

Pertinently, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam M Y Tarigami and PDF chairman and MLA Khan Sahib Hakim Muhammad Yaseen said, “The conspiracy to scrap Article 35A is essentially the agenda of communal, divisive and anti-democratic forces who want to thrive on uncertainty, hatred and turmoil. The state government should take the case very seriously, contend it in the Supreme Court vigorously and should not depend on hollow assurances given by the Centre.”

PCC president G A Mir had also said Legislature is the best forum to debate the issue of Article 35A.

Even National Conference has advocated for calling a special session to discuss the ways and means to protects Article 35A.



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