VC Handicrafts stresses on better marketing, sustained quality control

Vice Chairman for Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporations, Nizam-ud-Din Bhat today said that the Government is committed to provide all possible support to artisans to sustain and promote art and craft of Jammu and Kashmir which is renowned globally. 

The VC was speaking at a review meeting of handlooms in regional office Delhi. He also inspected all the showrooms of Handicrafts and handlooms entrusted with sales and business.

Bhat said that the Government appreciates the importance and role of the two sectors and considers these as social sectors of cultural and economic value for the J&K State.

He pointed out that the business of the State’s handloom and handicraft goods and products can flourish only through the dedication of Salesman and Marketing Managers, besides the sustained quality control from concerned agencies.

He said that in the growing competition from other states, Kashmiri Pashmina shawls, tweed, Kani shawls, embroidery and even the distinguished handicraft items like wood carving, paper machie, crewel work, and carpets are faced with a threat to lose sheen. He said in order to face the challenge not much can be done without sufficient incentives from State and Central Governments.

The Vice Chairman Bhat expressed concern over delay in approval of Central projects for J&K and lack of coordinating mechanism for functioning of Administrative Department, Corporations and the grass-root workers who are the actual beneficiaries and the protectors of the art.

He said J&K needs to emulate the example of successful States pushing through their art and craft as the most viable and employable economic tool in the market. He said these States recognize Handloom and Handicraft as a Social sector keeping the interest of art, artists and craft and craftsmen very safe.

Bhat also called for coordination between States for sharing innovation and cooperative business without disturbing essence of the respective art and skill.

He said that management of the Corporations have to keep a vigil on any adverse interference in the business and production as attempts are being made by few sections to distort our image as a distinguished State with rich heritage and culture. He said the indigenous grandeur of this heritage and culture needs to be protected.

The Vice Chairman said Union Government has made tremendous resources available to various states under various schemes aimed at encouraging the sustained promotion of diverse art and craft, symbolizing the distinct culture. Jammu and Kashmir should claim priority, he added.

He directed the Management to convey to Union Textiles Ministry the importance and need of desired support to J&K Handloom and Handicrafts.

Those who attended the meeting at Regional Office of Handloom in Delhi included Managing Director and General Manager of the Corporation.


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