Vohra participates in Special National Integration Camp

Governor N.N.Vohra today visited Leh to participate in the Special National Integration Camp (SNIC) organised here by the National Cadet Corps (NCC) Directorate of J&K. About 200 NCC cadets from various parts of the country are participating in this SNIC. On his arrival at the Camp the Governor was presented a Guard of Honour by the Cadets and introduced to the NCC officers attending the Camp.

Emphasizing the importance of the National Cadet Corps, Governor observed that all Cadets should wear their uniform with pride as they are among the very lucky 11 lakh students to undergo this prestigious training  from among nearly 40 crore youth in the country.  He observed  that India has 23,000 km long land and sea borders and vast open skies and there is a pressing need to strengthen the country from within and be also fully prepared, at all times, to protect its territorial integrity against war or external aggression.

The Governor observed that the SNIC is an excellent example of the enviable opportunities which are provided to the youth undergoing NCC training. He noted that India has deep rooted cultural values and, over the years, the NCC has played an important role in enabling youth to become aware of our centuries old cultural traditions and ethical values. Governor appreciated the NCC Directorate General for NCC activities being conducted in  the remote Ladakh region.

Governor observed that the organisation of NCC Special National Integration Camps, in the border areas of the country has very high importance. Apart from inculcating discipline, courage, character and promoting national integration such Camps provide a wonderful opportunity to the boy and girl Cadets to travel to far off places like Ladakh and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Greater Himalayas.

Governor observed that another very important aspect of the SNIC is that it enables the Cadets from different parts of India to experience the glorious pluralistic ethos of the country and get to know people of different religions, languages, customs and lifestyles. He added that unity in diversity is the real strength of our country, which needs to be constantly strengthened and promoted.

In his welcome address, Major General Nilendra Kumar, Additional Director General, National Cadet Corps, Jammu and Kashmir Directorate, gave a resume of the aims and objectives of the Camp. He said that Senior Division Cadets (boys and girls) from across the country are participating in this Special Camp, which has been organized with a view to promote national integration and inculcate the spirit of adventure and integrity among the Cadets. He said that the participating Cadets will also have an opportunity to get an insight into the history, glorious cultural heritage and secular ethos of J&K.

On the occasion, the Cadets presented a captivating cultural programme based on the theme of composite cultural heritage of the country.

Later, the Governor visited the motivational stalls put up on the occasion, interacted with the NCC cadets and had tea with them.

Sh. Chering Dorjay, Minister for Cooperatives and Ladakh Affairs and Dr. Sonam Dawa, Chief Executive Councillor, LAHDC, Leh, were among those present on the occasion.

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