Mehbooba making ‘biased, partial’ statements : JRL

Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) Wednesday while reacting to the statement made by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, wherein she has said that” pluralism was vanishing from Kashmir while it was vibrant in Jammu, said that people in Kashmir always illustrated religious tolerance and will continue to depict the same in future too.

According to a statement issued here, JRL including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik while ridiculing CM for her ‘biased and partial’ statement, said that for the lust for power and privileges, Mehbooba is unable to feel the sufferings and pain, people are facing in Kashmir.

“People in Kashmir safeguarded the highest values of mutual brotherhood, accord and tranquillity while in communal riots people in entire sub continent were being brutally massacred in the communal riots and even in Jammu five lakh Muslims were slaughtered by these Hindu fanatical groups,” they said.

“We didn’t believe in retribution and even in such horrendous situations, we maintained mutual harmony and not a single soul was killed or harassed,” the leaders maintained.

They said that “it is because of religious teachings, patience, social and human values that we follow and adhere to that despite gloomy situations around, we maintained mutual harmony.”

Commenting on the prevailing situations in some parts of Jammu, JRL said that minorities and particularly Muslims are harassed and intimidated by fanatical forces. “They are threatened of situations like that of 1947 riots when Lakhs of Muslims were massacred and these Hindu extremists are waving and brandishing their weapons and organizing rallies to terrorize minorities in Jammu and contrary to this the people in Kashmir are following their age-old tradition of mutual understanding and communal harmony,” they said.

Leadership blamed Mehbooba Mufti for issuing statements to gain favours from her coalition partners and added that “contrary to this, these forces are hell bent to do away with this century-old religious tolerance in Jammu and Kashmir.”


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