Situation in Kashmir reminiscent of 1990’s, says Congress leader

Stating that situation in the Valley has turned back to the 1990’s, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Vice President and MLC, G N Monga asked the PDP-BJP government to come clear on its policy to deal with the prevailing situation.
“Everyday young boys are being killed in the Valley. Security forces personnel are also being killed and the situation has gone back to the 90’s when such killings were the order of the day. Whether someone is killed on this side or the other side, it is a human tragedy. But when killings galore, the two parties are pulling in different directions,” Monga said in a statement issued here.
“What PDP and the BJP wants is not known. The PDP-BJP government is sooner or later going to collapse by the weight of its contradictions. But they have put the state and especially the Valley on fire. This coalition had been fraught from its very inception or even preceding that. It was only the power greed which brought PDP and BJP to form the alliance,” Monga said.
“On the one hand the two parties claim that they work under ‘Agenda of Alliance’ but on the other, BJP is working on its communal agenda. The BJP is fulfilling its agenda at the cost and interests of Kashmiris. The PDP’s agenda however, must be known to the party only,” he added.
The Congress leader said that Kashmiris especially youth have been terribly upset at a series of events since this government came to power.
“The mass dissatisfaction amongst Kashmiris which blows into mass protests follow a pattern. Killings by either the police, the army or the paramilitary forces build up in the collective unconscious of Kashmiris and these meld with the general disaffection and discontent, reach a tipping point and then spill on over to the streets,” he said and added a major confrontation at some point in time is inevitable between the PDP and the BJP.
“This would lead to a fracturing of the coalition and the fall of the government,” Monga said.
He said while the economy of Kashmir was going from bad to worse due to inept handling of the situation by both the Central and the State Governments, the education of children has become another casualty.
“Government has been frequently closing down colleges and schools to control the situation. Instead of engaging the students in positive dialogue to address their grievances, the government either uses forces or closes down the educational institutions as a remedy which is unfortunate,” he said.

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