News magazine highlighting environmental issues launched

A Valley based magazine ‘The Legitimate’ an environmental special issue was launched on Friday by the Private Secretary to Higher Education department, Dr. Asgar Samoon in collaboration with Private School Association and Green Valley Educational Institute at Illahi Bagh, Srinagar.

Owned by Aseem Mohiuddin, the magazine was launched with impressive ceremony of school students of G.V.E.I who recited School Anthem followed by Quran recitation which was attended by media, faculty, students and staff members.

Speaking on the occasion, G.N.Var said that ‘The Legitimate’ magazine which is being launched today is a good step as it will create awareness about the environment among masses as media is the strong platform to raise a voice”. 

He further said that the actual reason for launching this magazine is to create trend among school going children and youth to understand the importance of environment and to have a habit of reading magazines.

G.V Var while appreciating the work of Dr, Asgar Samoon said “After taking over the post of Principal Secretary, the private sector education is feeling encouraged. And, we want government to co-operate with us as we are sure that within three years time no student from Jammu and Kashmir will go outside for studies as the state of the art institutions will be created here”.

“We should create awareness about environment issue as our religion and renowned scholars of Kashmir through their teachings have enlightened us to take care of environment,” Dr Samoon said.

“We have created different opportunities for youth in various sectors in past many months. We should promote our languages and Sufi Music. There should be integration between private and public education sector as many private schools have capability of turning into good colleges,” he added.

 “Private institution should look into the consideration of having special quota for under privileged students who cannot afford big fee structure. There are many talented students who are capable to compete with other students at highest level”, said Dr. Asgar Samoon.

On this occasion Editor in Chief of ‘The Legitimate’ magazine, Aseem Mohiuddin said “Kashmir was blessed with beautiful lush green forests, clean water but today we are facing environmental issues. We also faced flood few year back but we are still unmoved. The only reason of launching ‘The Legitimate’ is to disseminate information so that it can lead to discussion and debate on environmental issue so that people from across Kashmir will be a part of this change in securing our future.

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