Poetry reverberates, as KU witnesses Slam Poetry session


In order to revive the traditional culture of poetry recitals at public places, poetic verses Thursday reverberated at Poetry Slam session held in Kashmir University. Event Management Company, Amblin Services Private limited, in collaboration with Siffer, an Art Collective organized the session.

“In Kashmir University there is no public space where students can discuss art, politics, and culture. In order to revive public spaces for the students, we have organised Poetry Slam session,” Faaqirah Irfan, organiser of the event said.

“In this session participants read poetry on women harassment, feminism, culture, and some participants showcased their art work too,” she said.  

According to the organizers, people from different walks of life participated in the event with great enthusiasm, adding that the response was enormous and those who participated appreciated the idea.

Commenting on the motive behind organising this session, Faaqirah said, “main motive to organise this session was to facilitate a face to face conversation, which has disappeared.”

“The idea of organising this session is appreciated. This is a best platform for budding artists to display their work. There is a need to organise more such session in future as well,” said a participant.



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