Passing Statistics Bill for JK is unconstitutional, cries opposition

Opposition political parties in the state said that the passing of the Collection of Statistics (Amendment) Bill in the Parliament and directly extended it to Jammu and Kashmir is ‘unconstitutional and dishonesty’ on the part of the BJP-led government in New Delhi.

“It is violation of constitution as the bill is passed without the concurrence of the state government. It is dishonesty by the BJP government with the people of the state,” NC General Secretary, Ali Muhammad Sagar, said.

Sagar said that state government has preferred silence on these issues.

“Our apprehensions about PDP-BJP alliance are proving right. This is eye opener for PDP as to how BJP does not consider them worth informing about the decision they have to take. Allying with BJP was PDP’s grave mistake and now they are facing its repercussions,” he said.

The NC leader said that Arun Jaitley had said that PDP-BJP alliance is for integrating Jammu and Kashmir with India. “And the BJP is doing it through such methods and violations.”

He said that NC will sit under the leadership of Omar Abdullah to think what the party can do on these issues.

J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir described extension of the bill to the State without concurrence of the State Legislature as a deliberate attempt to undermine the authority of State Legislature and erode the Special Status of the State.

Mir also blamed the PDP for supporting every wrong initiative of Centre for the sake of remaining in power and cautioned that extending Statistical bill to state without seeking consent of State Legislature would not be in the interest of State.

“Rather it will lead to the further alienation of the people,” Mir cautioned.

G.A. Mir said that J&K has passed its own Jammu and Kashmir Collection Statics Act 2010 only for State Subjects and it won’t be advisable on the part of Centre to extend Statistical Data bill without seeking concurrence of the State Legislature.

However, ruling BJP said many bills have been passed in the Parliament and extended to the state without concurrence of the Jammu and Kashmir legislature.

“Certain bills do not necessarily require concurrence of the state government or legislature. This bill is for collecting data about BPL and other surveys for the development of the state. So, there is nothing bad in it,” BJP state president and MLA Sat Sharma said.

He said that the opposition parties always portray good things as bad.

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