Police, civil admin nexus creating mayhem in Kashmir: JKLF 

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik Monday said that police and civil administration unholy nexus is ‘creating mayhem in Kashmir and the way civil administration is working at the orders of police is disgusting and shameful.’

Malik according to the spokesman in a message from Srinagar’s central Jail said that on July 21, he along with two others was arrested from Dalgate Srinagar and “without presenting us before any court were sent to Srinagar central jail.”

“At jail gate authorities handed over the orders of Tehsildar south Srinagar Sanam Mansoor to us, who without seeking our presence in her court had ordered to keep us in jail till July 25,” Malik said.

“In her orders Tehsildar untruthfully wrote that no one furnished our bail and that we also did not furnish personal bail bond that was required for our release and hence had to be sent to jail,” Malik added.

He said that yesterday at central jail Srinagar “we were again handed over a new order from the same Tehsildar in which she disgustingly has ordered to keep us in jail till Aug 05, just because police wants her to do the same.”

Malik said that both orders of the Tehsildar are a proof that officers in civil administration are working according to the will, wishes and orders of Police officers and hence are hand-in-glow with them.

He said that in the same way civil administration officers put their signatures on PSA orders of innocent people and other oppressive orders like that and actually are in this way adding to the miseries of common people.

JKLF chief who has been ailing from last many weeks and recently was diagnosed of having faults in his artificial heart valve, said that civil administration and officers are meant to provide relief to common people who are oppressed by police and other forces but ironically civil officers in Kashmir are failing their society and even the institution of justice by working as subordinates to police and other oppressive authorities.

“In fact they are acting as tools of oppression and tyranny and inflicting injustice to their own people,” Malik said, adding that if these civil administrative officers are deployed only to prove themselves more loyal than the king then they should stop deceiving people, refrain from staining the institution of Justice, shun the clothes of impartiality and instead put on the uniform of police so that people stop looking towards them for any justice or relief.

Malik said that jails and incarceration centres are like second home to him and today when jails and police stations are filled with thousands of innocent young and old Kashmiris, he feels honoured to share the miseries of these incarcerated people but it is equally important to expose the illegal modus-operandi employed by the rulers, their police and civil administration that too in the name of law and order, peace and democracy.

He reiterated that “this police and civil administration anti-people nexus is actually responsible for pushing our youth to the wall and leaving no space for them except going for ultimate sacrifices.”

Pertinently, Malik alongwith Mushtaq Ajmal and Ghulam Muhammad Dar and others were sent to Srinagar’s central jail on a judicial remand.

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