Playground damaged during 2014 flood, craves official attention

The people of Managam Village of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district have demanded immediate repairs to the local playground which was damaged during 2014 floods.

A group of people said that the playground was the only of its kind in their area, but 2014 floods badly damaged it and is currently in shambles.

“Our playground was damaged by 2014 floods and it has become useless for us. Due to the non-availability of another ground in our area the sportspersons of our village and adjoining villages are suffering,” Irfan Ahmad, a local said.

The ground is situated on the edge of Nalla Nigli and its overflowing water often enters the ground, thereby further deteriorating it. 

While demanding the immediate construction of bund on the ends of the Nalla to save the playground from further deterioration, locals said “a huge portion of the playground was washed away during 2014 floods, and now the overflowing water of the Nalla Nigili is further eroding its remaining borders.”

While holding authorities and the concerned MLA responsible for the pathetic and sorry state of the ground, locals said “authorities and the concern MLA are responsible for the delay in the repairs of the ground.”

“In spite of tall claims by the govt that they are continuously improving the improving sports infrastructure   in the state, our playground is craving for the official attention since 2014,” said another local, Sajad.

“We approached our concerned MLA, Bashrat Bukhari and apprised him of the situation, however, we are yet to get any response from him regarding the matter,” he said.

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