Hurriyat (G) threatens public protests if NIA ‘harassment’ continues

Hurriyat Conference (G) Tuesday threatened to call for public protests against the ‘harassment’ by National Investigation Agency (NIA). The amalgam demanded immediate end to what it termed the ‘repressive tactics’ adopted by New Delhi to harass the separatist leadership. 

Hurriyat (G) spokesman according to the statement issued here said that NIA is being used as a war weapon against the separatist leadership while the local ‘henchmen’ are facilitating these arbitrary measures.

Reacting over the arrests made by NIA and producing the detained leaders in Delhi court, the Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that Indian government is frustrated to the extent that they frame and raid residences of pro-freedom leaders and activists on the pre-planned psychological crackdown, so that they surrender and stop voicing the sentiments of their nation, thereby covering and shielding their atrocities and barbarism against common and unarmed people.

Hurriyat (G) blamed Delhi authorities for their stubborn and unrealistic approach and added that instead of resolving the issue as per aspiration of people, they are pursuing their Zafrani agenda.

“Indian agencies under well thought out plan are desperate to malign and defame our sacred movement,” said Hurriyat and warned India that “these inhuman, immoral and undemocratic tactics will not deter pro-freedom people from advocating their just cause.” Referring to ‘ploy and deceit’ played by Delhi and the local government, Hurriyat (G) said that they have deployed NIA sleuths and resistance leaders are being harassed and fictitious cases filed against them.

“It is a well thought out plan and ploy to defame movement and harass leadership,” added Hurriyat.

Ridiculing the ruling party in Delhi, Hurriyat (G) said that “they are not serious to solve Kashmir issue as they instead of following political means, are pursuing their repressive policy and fanatical ideology.”

Hurriyat (G) said that “these haughty measures won’t cow down our passion and we will pursue our mission till the issue is resolved as per aspirations of people.”

The spokesman assured people that all these repressive and arbitrary measure won’t deter the leadership and “we will continue to raise our voice against forced occupation and highhandedness of local and Delhi authorities.”

They warned authorities of dire consequences and said “if these repressive tactics are not stopped forthwith, they will resent and call for a public protest against these repressive measures.”

Huriyat (G) said that United Nations, international community including USA, China, Iran, Turkey and OIC are witness to the fact that Kashmir is a disputed state and yet to be resolved as per resolutions accepted in UNO.

Urging international community for their interference and mediation, Hurriyat (G) said that “we hope that these forces would fulfill their obligations and resolve the issue so that ways and means are explored to make an end to war euphoria and prevailing uncertainty in the sub-continent.”


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