Gund residents forced to drink contaminated water


The residents from various villages of Tehsil Gund in Ganderbal district accused the Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department of supplying contaminated water to them.

According to the residents, PHE supplies potable water to their areas which is not worth human consumption.

The inhabitants of New colony Gund, Sheikh Mohalla, Kullo Mohalla, Akhoon Mohalla and other adjacent villages complained that the department has failed to provide safe drinking water despite repeated public outcry.

“The water supply scheme in the area is defunct due to which water supply is commonly interrupted here causing inconvenience to the people and the problem worsens during rains and winters,” alleged a group of residents.

The locals alleged that the matter has been brought to the notice of concerned higher authorities several times but nothing has been done to sort out the problem.  

They also complained that dirty water goes directly in the reservoirs and storage tanks where from the water is being supplied to the consumers.

People alleged that water is being supplied without using bleaching powder or other chemicals needed for treating the water. 

“There is a filtration plant in village Gund but it is non functional and the authorities are least bothered to restore it,” they said.

They said the fear and apprehensions of water-borne disease including hepatitis and typhoid are common in our areas .

 “Despite the assurances, the concerned officials have failed to take stock of the issue here,” alleged locals .

They demanded immediate up gradation of the water supply schemes and asked the concerned department to make the filtration plants functional.

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