DAK hopes KEG will promote ethical standards of Journalism


Congratulating Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo Editor-in-Chief of Greater Kashmir for being re-elected as President of Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG), Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today hoped that he will promote highest ethical standards in journalism.

President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said we are hopeful that he along with his team will uphold the sacred values of fairness and objectivity in the profession.

“In his previous tenure as President, he worked tirelessly in the best interests of public and we hope he will carry forward the profession of journalism with same enthusiasm. We believe that newly elected body will offer voice to the voiceless and amplify the unheard voices,” the medico body said.

“It is their duty to unravel the voices that are locked inside the hearts and minds of people who are too fearful and traumatized to speak up. The body needs to inculcate a culture among reporters to walk the streets and reach to communities,” he advised.

“They need to see people, talk to them and more importantly listen them. They need to portray the pain and sufferings of the people. Also, the guild has a responsibility of empowering the disempowered Kashmiris,” the DAK statement said.

“This will build trust and reinvent the bond between people and the media. Journalism is about finding and reporting truth. People do not know about the truth and they believe what is written on newspapers is truth,” he said.

H said that Media has been described as the fourth estate of the realm and watchdog of the society.

“The role of the media is to safeguard public institutions and make public servants accountable. Further, media has a vital role in strengthening and shaping the society,” he added.



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