Damaged roads leave commuters gasping

Damaged and dilapidated roads in Zainapora, Babapora Moman, Hassanpora and Arwani areas are causing endless suffering to the commuters.

According to the locals, the road from Zainapora to Bijbehara is in decrepit condition. They said, “It is unfortunate that the main road connecting National Highway to Shopian is in a pathetic condition.

“Road is from Moman to Bijbehara Railway Station in a bad condition. Huge potholes and craters on this stretch are giving a tough time to the commuters. This is also the main road that connects hundreds of villages of Kulgam, Shopian and Anantnag district to the National Highway and Bijbehara Railway Station.”

Mansoor Ahmad, a resident of Hassanpora Arwani said, “Patching work on this road was started last year, but due to unknown reasons it was stopped.”

Another resident Manzoor Ahmad Sofi from Zainapora said, “When the road was undamaged, it used to take about 20 minutes to reach Bijbehara from Zainapora. Now on the same road, which is broken at many places, it takes about 50 minutes.”

Bilal Ahmad a resident of Moman said that this road has a lot of importance, as it is part of the Mughal road, but the government has completely neglected it.

The locals also alleged that travelling on the road, was especially, difficult either when a patient or a delivery case had to be rushed to the hospital. They said, “We have knocked on the doors of the government for this problem several times, but to no avail. We have received assurances from MLA Watchi that work on the road would start soon, but on ground no progress has been witnessed.”

The residents have once again requested Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, R&B Minister, Naeem Akhter, and other govt officials to start work on the road so that common people may not have to suffer for too long.


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