GB Panth Hospital operates OPD even on Sundays


While patients are raising questions over the functioning of GB Panth hospital’s In Patient Department (IPD), the Out Patient Department (OPD) is doing more than what it is meant to do.

The hospital’s OPD remains open even on Sundays, and doctors on duty attend to hundreds of patients who rush to the lone child care hospital of the valley from different far flung areas of Kashmir.

With this, the hospital has become the only government hospital in the Kashmir region where the patients are provided with the services even on Sundays.

As per the Medical Superintended (MS) of the hospital, Dr. Kanwal Jeet Singh the hospitals like SMHS and SKIMS do not operate their OPDs on Sundays.

“When I was at SMHS, I never saw such a thing even there, on Sundays only emergency block would work and not the OPD,” he said.

Though questions have been raised by people that they are not getting adequate facilities at the hospital and are made to suffer, the initiative of OPD on Sundays has been appreciated by different quarters of the society.

“This is to cater to the rush that this hospital is facing on everyday basis,” says MS, GB Panth Hospital.

Like the initiative of starting OPD on Sundays, lot more still needs to be done in the hospital, like addressing the complaints of the attendants about the proper attention and care of the infant patients while they are admitted in the hospital.

When this reporter visited the Hospital, four among ten persons complained about one thing or the other. Some complained about the non-availability of doctors during night, while some complained about the infrequent rounds of doctors.

“The OPD thing is good, but they have to take proper care of other things as well,” said Abdul Qayoom, adding that “every day infants are dying due to negligence, I think they should ponder over that as well.”




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