Srinagar coaching centre regrets error

The Hope Classes, a Srinagar based coaching centre has expressed regret over a designing error of a recently published advertisement.

At Hope Classes, we believe in the utmost sincerity and honesty. Unfortunately, the error committed by our designing team in an advertisement, published in local newspapers, have nothing to do with our sincerity and honesty towards imparting the best education to the students, the statement issued on Sunday said.

“The publication of few wrong photographs in the advertisement is purely the miss communication between our graphic designer and advertising agency responsible for the same.”

“However it skipped our editorial board. We have no intention to malign the image of those who were published as our own students,” statement said, adding that “we sincerely apologise to those who were hurt with our unintentional error.”

Reiterating  that  “we have always tried our best to avoid mistakes. But the fact is that they sometimes do happen,” the statement said that “we believe that talking little about them or avoiding them makes little sense, especially if we, as a market leader, want our students to trust us.”

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