Official apathy turns Lasjan playground into grazing field

The tall claims of sports officials that they are improving sports infrastructure in the state are falling flat as the playground in Lasjan area of city outskirts is in the derelict state, craving for facelift.

Players of Lasjan and its adjoining area have informed this reporter that the playground was considering as one of the finest ground of the area and was mostly used by footballers of the area, however, official negligence has pushed it to the state of uselessness.

National football player Zahid Ayoub, who often used this ground for his practice said, “It is unfortunate for the players of the Lasjan, especially for footballers. Many times we have approached the authorities and apprised them of our grievances, but they seem to be in deep slumber.”

“Earlier, huge rush of players was witnessed in the playground, during morning and evening time players used to remain busy with practice, but due to the sorry state of the ground, that glory is all gone.”

These days, instead of players, grazing cows and rain waters are the only things visible on the ground. The condition has forced players to find another place for practice.

“Ground has turned into a grazing field for stray cows. Authorities are responsible for the present condition of the ground, if serious steps are not taken to facelift the ground, it will soon turn into a dumping site,” another local player said.

“Despite the availability of ground in our area, our players’ have to cover a distance of 6 kilometres for another spot, which is quite hectic,” he said.

A group of players said that, “if authorities will seriously look into the matter and maintains the ground properly, national level matches can be played here.”

When this matter was brought into the notice of Sports Director, Kashmir Division, Nuzhat Ara, she assured quick action soon, “I personal visited the spot, and I know the condition of the ground. Very soon, on priority basis we will take up the repair works.”


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