SMC employees Union elections conducted


The Srinagar Municipal Corporation union elections were held today in the premises of its headquarters in Karan Nagar, Srinagar. Three candidates who contested the election for the post of Union President were Muhmmad Maqbool Malik, Shabir Ahmad Sofi and Sajad Ahamd Wani.

A total of 838 votes were cast out of 966 till the end of the elections. Muhmmad Maqbool Malik emerged as the winner as he got 611. Malik later votes thanked the employees of the corporation for showing their faith in him.

Sajad Ahmad Wani, another candidate who fought under the symbol of green star got 117 votes.

Shabir Ahmad Sofi, who was the third contestant alleged that the elections were rigged as he got only 98 votes in the elections.

 “Our elections, candle, was distorted on the ballot paper, which created confusion among the voters,” said Nazir Ahmad Khan, former union President, who supported Shabir Ahmad in this election.

“They kept their candidates up in the list on the ballot paper and others were kept lower in the order,” he added.

Nazir Ahmad said that they have boycotted the elections at around 11am in the morning and had written to the authorities to declare the elections null and void.

Meanwhile, the administration refuted the allegations by Shabir Ahmad as mere drama.

Chief Election Officer, Qazi Muhmmad Ashraf said that there was no rigging in the elections.  “Everything went in a free and fair manner,” he said.

“Hadn’t the elections been free and fair, they would not have signed the document accepting their defeat,” he said.




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