Oil Tankers Union demands halt point at Kud


All Jammu and Kashmir Oil Tankers Drivers and Cleaners Union and J & K LPG Tank Truck Drivers union have cautioned the government that if the halt point of petroleum vehicles is not moved from Udhampur Jakheni to Kud then they would be forced to close all the oil depots in protest for their demand.

However making fresh appeal they also Urged the state government, Divisional Commissioner Jammu, IGP Traffic and Deputy Commissioner  Udhampur to seriously considers their demand of halting the Tankers carrying inflammable substance like diesel, petrol and also LPG carrying vehicles at Kud instead of Udhampur near Jakheni Park.

Ranjit Singh Raina, President of the unions told that Divisional Commissioner Jammu and IGP Traffic were already informed about the problems faced by the drivers when the up going traffic (from Jammu to Kashmir) of oil tankers and LPG carrying vehicles are stopped  at Jakheni , Udhampur due to one way traffic on alternative days or in case of bad weather . They said the Jakehni road is already so narrow that it creates difficulty in smooth flow of vehicular movement and it is also risky to keep these highly inflammable substance carrying vehicles in populated area like Jakheni.

They said as the in flammable material  carrying vehicles are not allowed to enter through the Chennani-Nashri Tunnel so what’s the fun of stranding these vehicles at Udhampur where there is no arrangement of even basic necessities for the drivers and cleaners like toilet, food etc.

We once again request the government representatives and civil administration to consider our genuine demand of making halt point of these vehicles somewhere from Chennani to Nashri Road instead of Udhampur Jakheni road or get ready to face the protests.

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