Bhat welcomes FM’s assertion on GST

Welcoming the assertion of the Finance Minister, Dr Haseeb Drabu that the State Government would ensure adequate constitutional, economic and administrative safeguards while implementing   GST in J&K, Vice-Chairman Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporations, Nizamuddin Bhat today said that apprehensions regarding erosion of autonomy and legislative powers of the state legislature seem to have been fully allayed by the Finance Minister.

“As has appeared from assurances of Dr Drabu, the implementation of the law will have positive impact in terms of financial gains that can accrue and guarantees for political and financial Autonomy which will be endorsed by the union government,” Bhat said while interacting with various delegations.

Bhat said the issues raised by the opposition in relation to constitutional implications of the GST law have fully been debated in various forums and despite divided opinions, the explanations from government carried substance.

He said it is an achievement that dignity and authority of J&K Assembly has been respected and BJP clearly expressed respect for state’s autonomous status and concern for its constitutional position as was agreed in the Agenda of Alliance (AoA) with PDP.

Bhat appealed the traders to watch with interest and involvement the ongoing deliberations of the state legislature on GST.

An open and transparent debate should satisfy everyone on government’s sincerity and motives.

He said that sufficient material has been made available to the government for resolving any controversy that was likely to arise.

He said in our desire to feel politically empowered and financially well equipped we are duty bound to facilitate such course.

Bhat hoped that this will happen as everyone is a victim of uncertainty, confusion and instability dogging the state and everyone will feel morally bound not to add to this to further plunge the state in aggravated crisis, which added is avoidable.

Bhat invited the attention of Finance Minister to protections of Handloom and Handicraft sector, required to save these two sectors from any burden or taxation in any circumstances.

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