UN’s silence on Kashmir forces Nawaz Sharif to raise voice

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided to decline a United Nationsí request to attend a high-profile event in the wake of the world bodyís continuing silence on “atrocities by Indian forces in the Kashmir,” media reports said.

 The UN Mission in Pakistan, scheduled to organise an event on September 21 for ìpromoting peaceî, had requested the PM to preside over the conclave as its chief guest.

Initially, the report while quoting unnamed sources said, the PM Office tentatively conveyed confirmation to the UN Mission in Pakistan for the event to be held at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) building in the federal capital.

“Subsequently, the PM decided not to attend the event on account of the world bodyís silence on the situation in Kashmir,” the news report said.

“Sources inside the PM Office said it was decided that the PM would not attend the event and the governmentís side would be represented by the state minister of information, who would highlight the glaring human rights violations and focus on various aspects of the Kashmir issue,” it said.

 ìThis is necessary. They (the UN) keep talking about peace. But they do nothing to overcome the plight of Kashmiris and stop state-sponsored terrorism in the Valley,î the report quoted the insider as saying.


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