Members point fingers on each other during GST session

Commotion was witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, where a special session was called by the government to discuss the implementation of GST that was opposed by the opposition parties.

Earlier, the house was adjourned when the opposition parties raised the issue of not allowing press into the assembly hall, however, later the speaker of the assembly went out of the assembly hall to persuade media persons to attend the assembly session.

Next was the argument between Er Rasheed and PDP lawmaker, Javaid Baigh. The speaker instructed marshals to take Rasheed out, however, members from NC and Congress came to his rescue. The house was adjourned for lunch when the commotion happened.

When the house resumed at around 2:30 argument started between NC’s Devinder Singh Rana and Imran Ansari on GST. Ansari asked Rana that if he was talking against GST why he had applied for GST number for his organisation.

Furious, Ansari reacted sharply and asked Rana where from had he accumulated so much of money, “You are a shady businessman, and if I want, I can lynch you here.”

“I know you well. You were selling engine oil and now you are an owner of big empire,” Ansari said.

Rana replied by saying that “I too know many things about you, better not to discuss those things and talk about the actual issue.”

While watching the members deviating from the real issue, deputy speaker Nazir Gurezi had to intervene, “Stop this. People are watching you. It is their money that is being spent here. They will tear your clothes off,” he said.

The house was adjourned after the address of G N Suroori of Congress and Ravinder Raina of BJP, till Wednesday 10 AM.



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