Imperative to change mindset for minimizing divorce cases: Nayeema Mehjoor

State Women Commission Chairperson Nayeema Ahmed Mehjoor today said that it is imperative to change prevalent mindset for minimizing divorce cases in the society.

“There are sufficient laws to safeguard the women but the need of the hour is change the mindset of the society and the prism through which they look at the women,” Mehjoor said at a Consultative meeting of State Women’s Commission regarding divorce related issues under Sharia law here.

The meeting was also attended by the panelists Prof Aneesa Shafi, Dr Muslim Jan, Mufti Nazir Ahmad, Mufti Mushtaq Ahmad Qazmi and Mufti Abdul Rasheed.

The meeting was aimed to work for development of sense of responsibility among men towards women.

During meeting, Nayeema Mehjoor stressed on starting a grassroots level campaign in the entire state regarding women’s issues which are otherwise considered as non-issues without even considering the fact that it will lead us at the edge of social degradation.

The Chairperson also said that their organization is always ready to help the victims of domestic violence and ensures that rights of women are protected in the state.

The religious scholars informed the meeting that women rights form an important of their sermons in religious congregations. However they said that women also need to be made aware of their rights protected by the law and religion.



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