Hurriyat (G) says no difference between pro-Indian parties


Saying that there is no difference between NC, PDP and all other pro-Indian parties, the Hurriyat conference (G) Tuesday said that their stance on Kashmir is very clear.

Hurriyat (G) while reacting to the NC’s statement said that “Geelani’s position has always remained unambiguous and clear and added they won’t budge an inch or compromise for the sacrifices laid for a sacred cause.”

The spokesman said that the forced occupation is the root cause of all miseries and all other side-shoots will get resolved as soon as occupation comes to an end and soon as people’s aspirations are respected.

“None among these pro-Indian party’s figure among lesser evil and neither we feel even an iota of difference between NC, PDP and all other pro-Indian parties,” said a spokesman of the amalgam, adding that these parties legitimize the forced occupation, hence acting as ‘pawns for their masters in Delhi’.

“Perks and being in the power corridors is the sole concern for these parties and they can go to any extent,” Hurriyat (G) said.

Clearing stand about implementation of GST, the spokesman said that Indian authorities are pursuing their policy and trying hard to get rid of the special status of the state.

Blaming all pro-Indian parties for playing folly, Hurriyat(G) said that authorities since 1947 have been taking measures to abolish the special status of state and since 1947 introduced measures to do away with this provision.

Blaming pro- Indian parties for their follies, Hurriyat (G) said that Article 370 is practically non-existent and now reduced to mere Skelton.

“Indra Abdullah accord proved a last nail in the coffin of article 370, said Hurriyat and added that this article carried a provision for Prime minister and Sadr -e-Riyasat, however late Ghulam Mohamad Bakhshi and Late GM Sadiq paved way to abolish these provisions,” he said.

While referring to the history, the spokesman said that it was Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who just for the sake of power and in accordance with Indra Abdullah accord ignored all these provisions, shelved slogan of plebiscite and without taking into consideration the importance of nomenclatures of Sader E Riyasat and Wazir Azam, decided to get into power corridors.

Hurriyat (G) said that Indra Abdullah accord in 1975 was instrumented and all other provision were waved off and even much hyped plebiscite demand was shelved just to accomplish their greed and lust for power.





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