NC warns Govt against extending central GST without ‘safeguards’ to state

National Conference (NC) Sunday reiterated its stand on the extension of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the state and warned the present regime of consequences in case the central law was extended to Jammu and Kashmir without ‘adequate constitutional safeguards’.

The party also said that the decision to boycott or attend the special assembly session will be taken in the party’s legislative party meeting slated to be held before the assembly session begins here on 4 July.

Addressing a presser here, former finance minister, Abdul Rahim Rather said they won’t support the government in extending the GST without ‘adequate constitutional safeguards’. “Extending GST to the state without adequate safeguards is unacceptable,” he said.

Rather who was accompanied by the party spokesman, Junaid Matoo said that his party won’t accept the GST till they get the constitutional, administrative and economic safeguards.

“We will support the implementation of GST here but only after the law will be modified according to the JK’s constitution,” Rather said 

The government should not extend it to the state without modification,” NC senior leader  Abdul Rahim Rather said here in a press conference.

Flaying the incumbent Finance Minister, Hasseb A Drabu over a media rport wherein he has been quoted as saying that the GST will be implemented in JK from July 6, Rather said that the government should not have called the special session of the legislatures if they have made their mind to implement the GST.

“We will decide  future strategy in case the government applies the GST law to the state in its present form,” he added.

He also said that the present regime has failed to come up to the expectations of the people here. “The PDP-BJP bonhomie has failed to provide any concrete and alternative proposal for the safeguarding of special status of the state,” he said.

Rather while replying to a query said that the party would also take a call in the upcoming meeting as to whether they will boycott the special assembly session or not.

“The Government of India should listen to us, find solution and resolve the issue. We have no issue if the government has any proposal but they should ensure that it does not erode the special position of Jammu and Kashmir,” Rather added.



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