J&K leaders condemn US designating Syed Salahuddin a ‘global terrorist’

HCJK leaders, Muslim Conference chairman, Shabir Ahmad Dar, Mahzi Azadi president, Muhammad Iqbal Mir, Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo, Young Men’s League chairman, Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi, Tehreeqi  Istiqamat chairman, Gh Nabi War, in their joint statement strongly condemned the United State’s designating the chief of United Jihad Council, Syed Salahuddin, as a “global terrorist”.

HCJK leaders said, “We don’t need any certificate or permission. It is a universal truth that forces are resisted by Kashmiri people through their might or through peaceful resentment. It is strange that a nation that dropped bombs on innocent civilians in Afghanistan, devastated Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki is delivering sermons.”

They blamed America for backing Israel in its plans for carrying genocide in Palestine, and said that no doubt America is a big power but there is no justification to force its monopoly. “Our freedom struggle is based on justice and we have a legal certificate present in the shape of resolutions and chatters in United Nations.”

They said that as a big power, America should look after the interests of weaker nations, instead it is in a bid to sell its weaponry, and is in search of countries like India to sell it.

They said that the freedom movement in Kashmir has nothing to do with terrorism, instead America needs to check human rights violations and killings in Kashmir. “Those who fight for nations rights, are not called terrorists.

They are called freedom fighters and the same job is being doing by Syed Sallahudin.”

Meanwhile, HCJK leaders strongly reacted over the killing of innocent civilians by forces at Dialgam and termed the killing as cold blooded murder.

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