Kashmir traders slam Nirmal Singh over GST remark

The traders in Kashmir slammed Deputy Chief Minister, Nirmal Singh, for threatening to pull out from the coalition government over non-implementation of GST in the state. 

 “The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) takes strong exception to the statement made by the Deputy Chief Minister, J&K state with regard to implementation of GST from 1st July, 2017 and his threatening to pull out from the coalition government if the GST is not implemented in the state from 1 July,” said a statement, issued here today.

KCC&I President, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, said that he wished to remind Dr Nirmal Singh that he in his position as Deputy Chief Minster of the State “should be more conscious about the adverse implication of such statement.”

 He said the statement, which could create divide between Jammu and the Kashmir regions of the state, has been made “just to seek political mileage.”  

KCCI  President said that statements not conducive to establishing peace in the state, made by the partners of the government, should be avoided and the sensitive issues like GST be dealt with more responsibility by the government.  

 “It needs to be understood that adoption of GST in its present form  in the state shall amount to clear violation of financial autonomy and special status  of the state which KCC&I will oppose tooth and nail,” said the statement.   “The KCC&I has made it a point that the statements made amount to blackmailing Kashmir and paving way for further unrest and 2008 like situation.” 

Wani said that the chamber hoped that the coalition partners would refrain from dividing the trading/business activity of the state on regional lines through their “unwarranted statements.” 

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