JK patients have limited access to quality healthcare: Fortis doctor

The Fortis Escorts Heart Institute organized a day-long mega camp at SDDM Hospital, Channi Himmat, Jammu to screen patients.

The team of doctors were led by Executive Director, Cardiac Sciences, Dr. T S Kler, Chairman Urology and Renal Transplantation, Dr Vijay Kher.

In the mega cam they screened almost 50 patients, who came from areas in and around Jammu and Srinagar.

The objective of the camp was to offer quality healthcare services to the people of Jammu, Srinagar and other adjacent areas.

On screening the patients at the camp, it was found out that most suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and also had symptoms of kidney diseases.

The patients were counselled on what preventive measures they should follow, how could they manager their health, what kind of diet they should take, why exercising was important and what type of lifestyle they should lead.

It was also noted that these areas had less number of health centres and not very well equipped nursing homes.

According to Dr T S Kler, the camp revealed that the rural population was also equally vulnerable to non-communicable diseases and lifestyle diseases. Lack of awareness about preventive health and high tobacco consumption was leading to increase in cardio-vascular diseases.

Kler said, “Public awareness needs to be created to tackle degenerative diseases. Faulty diets and delay in treatment are some of the key factors that the people needed to be advised about.

“Such health camps offer a vital opportunity to screen people suffering from serious ailments. Geographically and politically, this is an extremely challenging region, where availability of quality healthcare was limited.”

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