Opposition rues lack of strategy on GST

The opposition parties, on Wednesday, said that the government was befooling people over the All-Party Committee (APC) on Goods and Services Tax (GST) and that the PDP-BJP government has no strategy for its implementation in the state.

After the bill was not passed in the special session of the assembly, the government claimed to have formed an APC to deliberate on its implementation with alterations so that it does not erode the special status and fiscal autonomy of the state.

National Conference (NC) provisional president, Nasir Aslam Wani, said the government is befooling people by claiming to have formed an all-party committee.

“Despite claiming to have formed an APC to deliberate on GST implementation in the state, the government has failed to communicate the members officially,” he said.

“NC leader, Abdul Rahim Rather Sahab, who has also been named in the committee, has not been communicated so far.”

He said that the government must clear its stand over the GST implementation. “BJP wants to implement it. Let the government clear the picture over the issue.”

Congress leader and MLC, G N Monga, said that the government has no strategy on implementing GST in the state.

Monga asked, “The government, especially PDP, is confused and they don’t have any co-ordination on the matter. Muzaffar Baig told us in the all-party meeting that GST bill and proposed modifications will send to all opposition parties. Where are the papers?

“This proves confusion on the part of the government when their own senior leader is saying that he has not received any letter from the government about the all-party committee on GST.”

PDP MP, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, who is supposed to head the APC, has said “I have heard that a committee has been set up and I am its chairman. But I have not received any letter from the government or cabinet about it that I am the chairman of any committee.”

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