Baig denies heading GST panel


Member of Parliament and senior PDP leader, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, on Tuesday said that he is not part of any all-party committee that is holding consultations for the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the state.

Baig said that he had not received any letter from the government or cabinet that he was the chairman of any committee on GST.

As per reports, the government had said that it will form an all-party committee to hold consultations on extending GST to the state after the special session of assembly was adjourned sine die without passing the GST bill. Baig was reported to head the committee and legislators and leaders of different political parties to be its members.

Baig said, “I have heard that a committee has been set up and I am its chairman. But I have not received any letter from the government or cabinet about it that I am the chairman of any committee.”

The senior PDP leader said he does not know what is going on GST after the all-party meeting.

“The government had called an all-party meeting for discussing GST. I too was invited to the meeting as were other members and legislators from different parties. What happened after that I do not know,” he said.

Asked if GST is not implemented in the state, the former finance minister said that the traders and consumers of the state would be affected. “There would be difficulties regarding goods and material imported or exported into the state.” he said.

He said that he had no knowledge if the bill could be passed through ordinance. “I met the Governor and Chief Minister, but none of them told me about passing the bill through ordinance. I cannot say anything on it unless either the Governor or Chief Minister informs me about it.”

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