Slathia accuses PDP-BJP of betraying peoples’ trust, plunging J&K into crisis

Former minister and Senior state president National Conference  Surjeet Singh Slathia on Sunday assailed PDP-BJP dispensation for political inconsistency, “deceit and betrayal to the people, saying their wrong policies have brought Jammu and Kashmir at the cross roads of its history.’’

“The State is in total chaos and the people of all its three regions are hugely suffering”, Slathia said while welcoming prominent BJP and PDP activists into party fold at a largely attended workers meeting at Ramgarh this afternoon.

He said the opportunist and power hungry coalition has lost will to govern and lack of political direction has plunged the state into administrative inertia and developmental paralysis. The deplorable condition of utility services has hugely impacted the people, especially in the Jammu region which is reeling under perpetual power shedding and water scarcity during the current scorching summer. While development has come to a grinding halt, the people have been forced to run helter-skelter for minimum basics, Slathia added.

Coming down heavily on the BJP for betraying peoples’ mandate and virtually leaving them in lurch, Slathia said the slogans of change and Ache Din have proven hoax and the coalition partners have reneged on every single statement and promise they made during elections. He said duplicity and insincerity of the allies has brought the state to morass with people feeling insecure and economically deprived. He said the governance is at the lowest ebb and developmental activities have stopped at the stages where the Omar led government had left these. In fact, he said the present dispensation has not only abandoned the schemes initiated by the previous government but also failed to take up new projects as per needs of the people.

Blaming the PDP-BJP for plunging Jammu and Kashmir into unprecedented political uncertainty, Mr Slathia expressed concern over their concerted attempts to polarize the situation in order to hide their failures on governance front.  He highlighted sector-wise deficiencies accrued and accumulated during the past over two and half years and said the semblance of the government is not seen anywhere on ground. He gave a detailed account of problems faced to the people of Vijaypur constituency, saying these are craving for attention with the elected representatives feeling no urgency or having no sincerity to solve these.

Welcoming the new entrants into the party fold, the former minister exuded confidence that with the joining of enterprising and public spirited people the resolve of the National Conference will be further strengthened to meet the challenges posed by anti-people PDP-BJP government and steering the state out of prevailing hard times.

Those who joined the National Conference included Choudhary Ajab Singh, Gain Chand, Retired Capt Bachan Lal, Gurcharan Singh, Sham Lal, Narinder Singh, Jasbir Singh, Rattan Lal, Sohan Singh, Balvinder Singh, Yash Pal Tilak Raj, Satpal, Tersaim Singh, Suresh Singh, Subhash Singh, Narinder Singh, Swaran Singh, Gulzar Singh, Kuldeep Kumar and Rajesh Kumar.

Prominent among those present were Distt President Mohinder Gupta, Distt Youth President Riyaz Malik, Block President Ramgarh Mohan Singh Patti, EX Sarpanch Prempal ,Mohan Lal,  Subhash Chander, Kamal Singh and others.

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