Pellet Plight: Umar’s family struggling to make him see again

The family members of Umar Yousuf are yet to come to terms with the reality that Umar has completely lost his left eye and will never be able to see again.

When Umar was hit by pellets in his left eye in Bijbehara area on Friday, he was rushed to SMHS where doctors, after initial examination declared that his left eye will be ‘as good as nothing.’

The doctors verdict of declaring his eye as ‘of no use,’ has left the family shattered and a pall of gloom has stuck his family members, especially his father, Muhammad Yousuf Rather, said one of Umar’s relative who is attending on him.

Umar is the only son of his parents and naturally dear to everyone. “I have got one son and five daughters, he is my only son,” said Yousuf.

The doctors are telling the family that they are doing whatever they can, “they are not clearly telling me if he is going to be alright after the surgery or not,” he said.

Right now, the family is in utter confusion, where they are unable to decide what should be done next. To stay here or move outside the state for further treatment. “Some are suggesting that we take Umar to Amristar or Hyderabad for treatment, but I don’t know what to do,” he said.

What is more worrisome for Muhammad Yousuf is the cost involved to get his son treated. “I will look around, will ask for loan from my relatives and friends, but will take care of his treatment well,” he said, while tears rolled down on his cheeks.

Abdul Rahim, a relative of Umar, who was sitting right next to him, while praising his virtues, said that he is known for his helping nature all around the village and “the entire village is concerned for him,” he said.

In spite of going through harsh times, Muhammad Yousuf is not losing his strength, he is all set to face any tough times that may come his way, “I will struggle, come what may,” he said.

The doctors attending Umar said that they are trying their best to restore his vision and make him see again, “we are trying our level best, and rest is in the hands of almighty.”

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