Patient woes continue even as docs end stir

Even though medicos had called off their strike on Friday, doctors in some hospitals are still not reporting to their duties in the city. This has affected the healthcare services of many major hospitals. 

The medicos had called an indefinite strike as a fellow doctor, Owais Wani, on Tuesday was manhandled at SMHS by a police officer, who was identified as Isaac, a former SHO at Karan Nagar. The SHO was accompanying his father who was admitted at the hospital and he had gone berserk and beat to pulp the doctor that triggered instant protests with doctors subsequently abstaining from duties.

However, the strike was called off after deliberations and assurance of a time bound enquiry by the Divisional Commissioner.

The divisional administration had assured the doctors that Inspector General of Police would investigate and submit a report in 15 days, but the doctors have refused to resume their duties.

On Friday, after an encounter that broke out in Bijbehara, several injured were referred to SMHS and other major hospitals, which led the doctors to resume their duties. But the patient care services remained hit at least at two major hospitals in Srinagar including maternity hospital, Lalla Ded (LD), and a general hospital of JLNM at Rainwari.

Sources said, “In addition to the assurance from government many serious cases that were referred to major hospitals from sub district hospitals led them to resume their duties.” But the doctors sought that the strict action be taken against the cop who “ use brute’’ force against the on-duty doctor. Doctors serving at Srinagar hospitals have often faced the ire of the attendants of patients and have been beaten up earlier. But this time police failed to take action against the erring cop and initiate action against his “ high handedness.’’

Sources revealed that some doctors at JLNM Hospital, Rainawari who handle major medical equipments, such as USG, were absent from their duties. The patients at LD hospital also faced  trouble due to non-availability of doctors to operate major machinery in the hospital.

The authorities at Lalla Ded Hospital had earlier said that due to the strike it was difficult to operate the machinery at the hospital. However, even after the strike is over, some doctors have failed to report on their duties.

Hospital authorities while admitted that some doctors were not reporting on duty said “from Monday things will work as per schedule.”


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