State Assembly rejects Er. Rasheed’s resolution seeking condemnation for Major Gogoi

MLA Langate Er Rasheed lashed out at the members of State Assembly today and asked the house if it has no courage to pass a resolution condemning Major Gogoi and Army Chief for using a civilian as a human shield, then there is no need to condemn the civilian deaths.

According to a statement issued here, Er. Rasheed had put a resolution before the House seeking unanimous condemnation against Major Gogoi for using Farooq Ahmad Dar as a human shield in Budgam and also sought condemnation for those who defended and rewarded Mr Gogoi.

However, speaker despite receiving the resolution didn’t take it up for voting, the statement said.

Meanwhile, the statement said that Er. Rasheed lashed out at all the members of the house during their silence to pay homage to those politicians who expired in between the two sessions.

“Neither those martyred with the bullets of security forces nor those policemen killed at the hands of militants need condolences from the house of deaf and dumb”. Er. Rasheed said while speaking at the obituary reference in the house.

”How would their condolences carry any meaning”? Rasheed asked.

Rasheed said that if Army Chief calls every Kashmiri taking to roads as OGW of militant outfits, what the fun of paying tributes to civilians is.

”Let the house understand that wrapping up dead bodies of soldiers in tri-colour does not serve any purpose to the families of deceased soldiers. In fact, the policemen and the soldiers also want a time-bound resolution of Kashmir dispute, but unfortunately, have not the authority to speak for themselves and their top brasses are just adding fuel to the fire for their personal vested interests”. Er. Rasheed said.

Rasheed also reminded Mehbooba Mufti that she didn’t bother to investigate even a single case when police and other agencies compelled youth to take to arms.

While pointing towards Mehbooba Mufti he said “You didn’t give any ear to Zubair Turray’s revelations why he turned a militant and you never spoke even a word on Major Gogoi or Bipin Rawat. Those comparing Indian policy with that of Israel are wrong, as Israel is a much civilised country as compared to India and their Army Chief doesn’t threaten the masses as a whole. What the families of militants are facing at the hands of Army and Security Agencies is shameful and unacceptable.”

Er. Rasheed clarified that Kashmiris are not begging for talks and it is New Delhi which begs for talks and now the situation has reached a point where even most hardcore political leaders are losing relevance.

Rasheed also warned NC, PDP not to dilute the internationally recognised dispute of J&K.

“Let everybody be cautious that nobody will own autonomy or even bigger than that, as there is no substitute to the right to self-determination”, Rasheed added.

Rasheed while condemning the role played by the core political leaders in resolving the issue said that it is only the militant leadership which can ever take a decision viz-a-viz nature of talks.

Er. Rasheed added that NIA raids have not only eroded authority of Mehbooba Mufti government, but also proven Geelani Sahab right who would often urge others not to talk to New Delhi, for the want of sincerity and commitment.

Rasheed, while criticising Congress and BJP said, ”For Kashmiris, there is no big difference between Congress and the BJP as Congress stabs from the back but BJP stabs from the front”.

Rasheed also warned New Delhi against playing ISIS card in Kashmir to divert attention from the real issue and said that it must realise that ISIS is more threat to Indian Muslims rather to Kashmiris as whatsoever New Delhi is doing it is creating a fertile space for radicalisation within India.

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