Parading students on TV channels cheap ploys by GoI: Hurriyat (M)

Hurriyat Conference (M) Spokesman said that exploiting the hard work of some students of the state who qualify certain competitive exams and parading them on TV channels and literally thrusting words into their mouth, are shallow and cheap ploys being adopted by representatives and agencies of Government of India to misrepresent and obfuscate the problem in Kashmir and mislead the people in India.

“To the people of Kashmir such gimmicks further expose the propaganda being foisted by the Indian state to counter the reality and truth of what is going on in Kashmir. These ploys along with massive repression are being used to maintain the status quo by New Delhi in and on Kashmir and delay the Resolution of the dispute”, a Hurriyat (M) Spokesman said.

The spokesman said that the double standards and gimmickry of these moves is quite striking as these handful of students are “commended “and projected by the Indian state while and on the other hand colleges and schools in the valley are kept locked down preventing thousands of students from pursuing their education for fear of student protests and agitation.

The spokesman said that even in the holy month of Ramadan there is no let up to the harassment and beating that people of Kashmir face daily, in some part of the valley or other by the Indian forces who rule the roost in Kashmir .One day it’s Shopian, next day it’s villages in Frisal and so it continues. The script is, keep subjecting Kashmiris to torture and harassment till they cower as they have dared to stand up for their political rights .such views are openly espoused by BJP leaders on video so that they upload and circulate to vitiate the public opinion in India against Kashmiris and spread hate.


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