Minister inspects Aquarium, Cage Culture in Dal Lake


Minister for Animal & Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries, Abdul Gani Kohli today inspected the Aquarium cum Awareness Centre established along the Dal Lake at Gagribal.

During his tour, the Minister was informed that the Aquariu, equipped with various ornamental fishes of fresh water species which not only acts as centre of attraction for the tourists but also attracts students of various colleges for study of various species of Fish. He was informed that in order to acquaint knowledge of various aquatic fin fishes, various species of fish including shell fishes pertaining to marine, brackish and fresh water have been kept in the aquarium for the attraction of public in general and college as well as school going students in particular.

The Director Fisheries also informed the Minister about the setting of aquaria and Museum of specimen of various species fish and apprised him about the steps being taken by the department for its maintenance which include providing proper living conditions, physic-chemical parameters of water, light, heat, filtration system, aeration etc.

The Minister was informed that there are more than 50 aquarium fish species such as Gouramies, Commong Tetra, Neon Tetra, Red Bellied Piranha, Cichlids, Danios, Gouramis, Guppies, Platys, Sword Tail, Tetras, Livebearers (guppies, molly, platy, sword tail etc).

The Minister was further informed that the aquariums in contemporary times are becoming point of attraction with more and more people visiting as the fish keeping of the ornamental fishes is an international hobby and day by day the interest of the people is increasing in the J&K State. He was informed that owing to growing popularity   interest among the people about the fish keeping, the importance of aquarium has increased as it provides colourful Species for the aquarium.

While appreciating the department for setting up the aquarium and museum, Minister called for widespread publicity of these assets so that more and more people visit the place. He directed for face lifting the aquarium to make it more attractive for the visitors.

Kohli also inspected the cage culture setup by the department in the waters of Dal lake. He was informed that the department has set up the cage inside the Dal Lake by making an enclosure in the waters of Dal to culture fish in these enclosures. Stating that the Cage Culture is important for increasing the production of fish, Minister said after the fish grows into a considerable size inside the cage, the same is set free in the waters of Dal Lake.

He directed the officers to adopt the latest scientific techniques in order to enhance the fish yield and called for adopting modern technological intervention to increase the yield so that the socio –economic condition of fishermen is uplifted.

The Minister also directed for setting of sales counters for selling the fish produce especially the carp on the pattern of those already setup for trout.

Besides Director Fisheries, a team of senior officers of the Fisheries Department accompanied the Minister during his tour.


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